I feel like it is almost mandatory to use the track I am using for today’s #ThrowbackThursday.  With the recent passing, it is just and important to not only pay homage to the late Craig Mack, but to also explain his importance to Bad Boy Records.  When you think of Bad Boy Records, the main two people you obviously think of are Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy.  Please don’t let revisionist history fool you, though, Craig Mack was pinnacle in getting that label off the ground.

At the time “Flava In Ya Ear” was released, Notorious B.I.G. hadn’t fully taken off yet, and after Puff left Uptown Records, the now historically known label, Bad Boy, was at it’s infancy stages.  It was Craig Mack’s surge into the game that gave Bad Boy validity in the rap world and helped path the way for Biggie to take off and become a superstar.  For the younger Hip Hop fans, and those who aren’t generally in the know, these facts are very key to the story of Bad Boy, and to Craig Mack’s legacy.

Not only did “Flava In Ya Ear” help solidify Bad Boy Records in the Record Industry, it is also one of the greatest debut singles from a solo rap artist in the history of the game.  Craig’s contributions to Hip Hop are certainly cemented in time and should be recognized as such.  RIP Craig, rest up big guy.  You can check out his epic track “Flava In Ya Ear” below.


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