2018 has been a stout year for Genesis Renji thus far.  With the release of the first single for Life Is Lucid in the form of “Purple Stones” to the very groovy collaborative project Blk Wntr with Maal Himself, Renji has released a solid body of music.  Adding flourish to more musical prosperity, the House Of Renji Chief just released the next single for Life Is Lucid, entitled “Chyna (Dance For Me.”

Cade Zube is handling all the production duties on Life is Lucid, and so far he is batting 2/2.  “Chyna (Dance For Me)” has a very melodic and fresh vibe to it, and is a perfect record to get the clubs and parties alike moving in the right direction.  Life Is Lucid is set to release in less than two weeks, on March 30th.  Keep it locked to #TheFochshole on that day, because I will certainly post it. #YaDig

According to Genesis Renji, there will be an accompanying video being released for this track, if the video is of the same caliber of the song, we will be in for a sweet treat.  Check out “Chyna (Dance With Me) below, also, you can peep the video for “Purple Stones,” if you have yet to view it.


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