Continuing on with the theme of great music videos, the Migos hit a definite home run with their most recent visual.  The Migos went with a blast from the past vibe with their new video for “Walk It Talk.”  Featuring Drake, the migos brought that old school Soul Train vibe with their most recent single, even having Jamie Foxx take the role as the late, great Don Cornelius.

If anyone thought the Migos would slow down, you clearly didn’t think things through, this video is excellent.  From a marketing standpoint, this is a intelligent way to bring up the nostalgia of the past, and perhaps garner more fans from a demographic who did not them the time of day, previously.  Hopefully, this video could spawn more creative videos, I suppose time will tell.  Check out the video below, what do you guys think?  Awesome or awful?  Let me know!


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