Love him or hate him, the Birdy Birdy man is a Rap icon.  Recently, Complex did their highly touted sneaker shopping segment with the Cash Money Records CEO.  Birdman was one of the first big names to secure a shoe deal, when he partnered with Lugz for his version of a construction boot ala Timberland.  They had some Lugz sneakers as well, but the main selling point were the boots.  I myself never really got into Lugz, but having your own signature shoe/boot/sneaker is a major milestone.

The sneaker industry is wise to use Hip Hop entities for marketing and shoe deals, because urban music is infectious in the world’s culture, so if you want to make the bacon as they say, you have to get into the avenues that are most popular, and Hip Hop culture is incredibly popular.  Check out the episode below, he also gives word on why he isn’t involved with Lil Wayne or Drake’s sneaker deals, interesting to say the least.


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