Hello everyone, what is the good word?  This weeks #Taken segment takes a look at track off Southern trap poet Jeezy’s latest album, Pressure.  To many, this is the stand out cut from the record, due to the fact of who it features.  Kendrick Lamar did not spit a full verse, but his addition to the song is commendable and appropriate.  J. Cole, on the other hand, made it his own.

Jeezy is not known for being the most traditionally lyrical of artists; although his lyrics and style pack a punch that has adorned him to many during his long tenure in the rap game.  That variable aside, J. Cole not only did what he usually does on the songs he makes is or featured on, but he overtook the song completely, and left us with quotable lyrics.

I’m sure Jeezy knew what he was getting into when he asked for the feature, and considering he has taken other people’s songs, it’s only fair things come full circle with Jermaine doing the damn thing on one of his records, check out the song below, what do you think of J. Cole’s verse?  What grade do you give him for his performance on the cut?  Comment below.


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