The iconic R&B group, TLC, has many great records in their catalog, but one that will always stand the test of time because of the dynamic in relationships, is “No Scrubs.”  The song covered the topic of the ladies not wanting any lame and bummy dudes in their life’ which is a very respectable request.  When one’s character is attacked, there is usually a rebuttal, that rebuttle came for this instance with this track below.

Yonkers, NY rap group, Sporty Theivz, made a male version of the song, entitled “No Pigeons.”  It’s pretty much what you would expect it to be, a rebuttal to TLC’s song, stating they don’t want any lackluster females in their purview.  It used the same production as TLC’s song, and did quite well, commercially.  It was indeed their biggest record of their career, and I honestly did not hear much from the group since then, I wonder where they are now.

Catch the track below, accompanying “No Pigeons” is TLC’s originally, which version do you prefer?  I would say TLC’s is better, because it is the original version, let me know your thoughts in the comment section!



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