Of all the fast food chains that could do something like this, I’m not shocked at all that it was Wendy’s.  If you have paid any attention to whoever runs their social media, specifically on twitter, the company definitely understands how to reach the masses via hip and fun promotional methods.  Not only did Wendy’s drop a mixtape, it’s actually good considering the facts.

The music is of great quality, considering they did not attain any big named artists to co-sign this promotional effort; they also threw shots at other fast food chains.  McDonald’s, Burger King and Wing Stop caught some barbs from Wendy’s on this one, and I must say, it was music to my ears.  For me personally, Wendy’s is in the upper echelon of the mainstream, fast food restaurants, and they put their music where their food is.  #YaDig

Hamburger Helper pulled a similar move a few years back releasing music, but I would say overall, the Wendy’s tape is packs more of a punch in terms of quality and visceral nature.  Check out the tape via Spotify below, I wonder if the fast food chains they targeted will come back with disses of their own?  That would be excellent, I guess time will tell.

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