We all know and understand the importance of fruits and vegetables.  Both of those items are a major key for any successful diet.  Putting health aside though, they can also be cultivated in a larger variety than we are accustomed to seeing at our local grocery story or farmer’s market.  Well, after watching this video, the former statement could be a bit of an undersell.

The good folks at Be Amazed broke down a top 10 list of the 10 biggest fruits or vegetables ever created.  A melon that weighs over 300 lbs you say?  To think, that is only the 10th entry, you can imagine what the rest of the list entails.  I wonder how many people it would take to eat a melon that size, anyone what to help me find out, just kidding…or am I?  Check out the video below, what do you think is the most impressive item on the list?  Comment below.


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