Sonic the Hedgehog, is easily one of the most iconic video game characters of all-time.  Between Sonic and Mario, I would say those two are the most well-known characters from a video game, ever.  To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a Mario Bros. collaboration shoe with any major shoe brand, but the same cannot be said about Sonic.  It was recently announced, that Puma has linked up with the historic character for a collaboration.

As stated by the image above, the Puma x Sonic collaboration will be coming to us in the month of June.  For right now, the actual look of the sneaker is a mystery, but according to the press release, it will be modeled after the Puma-RS, which is a running shoe.  When pop culture, games, and sneakers can mesh for the betterment of the sneaker game, I think we all come out winners.

If the pixellated image is similar to what these kicks will look like, I think Puma has a major victory on their hands.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below.

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