Complex has a very good thing going in which they take celebrities along with them to check out their favorite sneakers and make some purchases.  This time around, they got one of the funniest sports analysts, who also happens to be an NFL Hall Of Fame Tight End, the “Milds and the ‘Yac” man himself, Shannon Sharpe.  If you follow sports like I do, you know he is becoming more popular to this generation because of his goofy antics on the show he cohosts with Skip Bayless, entitled “Undisputed.”

He often makes videos online of himself talking junk about sports, and he’s always accompanied by a black and mild, and some sort of cognac.  It makes for some quality moments of comedy, and he’s becoming a hood hero of sorts because of these moments.  I’ll always have love for Shannon, because he is the younger brother of former Green Bay Packer great, Sterling Sharpe. #GoPackGo  Check out the video below, I’m not shocked Shannon has a sense of style with kicks, the dude just has that aura about him. #YaDig #MildsNYak


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