When you have Hip Hop legends collaborating on a track, 9 times out of 10, you are going to get some quality music.  In this weeks case of #Taken you get not only that, but you get someone taking the song for their own.  At the time of the creation of this record, Def Jam Records, was in it’s first wave of superiority in the Hip Hop landscape.  EPMD and LL Cool J, were soaring to heights that would establish themselves as some of the greatest acts to ever be apart of the genre.  Little did EPMD know though, LL would drop one of his finest guest features, ever.

The production for this record alone, is incredibly epic.  There is so many quotables in this joint, it’s not that EPMD didn’t come correct, they come correct as much as you would expect from them, it’s just, Todd James, had other intentions.  Percy came first, with a very solid effort, but after LL came second, Erik Sermon had such a tough act to follow, there wasn’t much he could do to one up LL Cool J.  I wish we got the same energy LL came with on all guest features, but that’s just not realistic, that’s why he’s one of the best to ever bless the mic. #YaDig

Check out the tune below, what did you think of this record?  Do you think this is an all-time LL performance, or am I tripping out?  Let me know!


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