To commemorate Air Max Day, the California kid, Bossco Mitchell, hit up the mall to do an uber groovy mall vlog to honor the iconic Nike shoe.  Bossco keeps killing it with all these wavy and informative sneaker videos. #YaDig  I credit this man with a lot of the sneaker knowledge I possess, I do live in the hometown of Eastbay, but the sneaker culture doesn’t start and end with Eastbay.

It is good people like Bossco Mitchell who keep folks like me up to date and in the know when it comes to the sneaker culture.  He is truly a credit to the scene, and his stock is rising within the ever so popular YouTube sneaker head wave.  I’m very fortunate to have him provide content for #TheFochshole.  Check out his vlog below, and as always, make sure to subscribe to his YouTube vibe. #YaDig


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