I fancy myself having a respectable knowledge of music, my main disciplines being in urban music.  For many years, I have been hipping people to new tunage, and I love it.  Bringing joy to others is my favorite past time, and you certainly can accomplish that by providing good music.  Music is the voice of the heart, and how do you expect your heart to keep beating with wack beats? #YaDig  Below, you will catch the first installment of the #SeeSpotPlay playlist via Spotify for the site.

This playlist will be a living organism, and will be updated weekly.  Also, I plan on making sub playlists in the near future to help others find the music they want to vibe to wherever they need to vibe to it.  Check it out below, if you dig it, make sure to follow it to stay in the loop with the updates of #SeeSpotPlay.


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