In hindsight, this is easily one of the greatest songs in Dr.Dre’s catalog as an artist.  It would certainly be held as one of Dre’s and Snoop’s greatest collaborations, as well.  When the lead single for The Chronic 2001 dropped though, Dr. Dre was just getting his feet back under himself.  After leaving Death Row Records, Dr. Dre started Aftermath Entertainment via Interscope Records with Jimmy Iovine.  Things weren’t all cherries and berries within the start of his new label, unfortunately.

Dr. Dre dropped the very forgettable Dr. Dre Presents: The Aftermath as the first major release off his new venture.  It did not make the noise it was intended to make, and it certainly hasn’t aged well.  The failed compilation-type record had people wondering what happened to the iconic producer, but with the release of The Chronic 2001, people soon remembered what Dr. Dre was all about.  With his classic, ground breaking style of West Coast G-Funk production, the D R E catapulted himself back into the top spot of West Coast kingpin, with the help of Snoop, and at the time, upcoming artist, Eminem.

The lead single for their effort, “Still D.R.E.” was a sonic reminder of who Dr. Dre is, what he’s about, and what the West Coast is about.  It is certainly one of my favorite records of all-time, and it helped pave the way for his growth into one of the greatest commodities the genre will ever see.  Check out the video for “Still D.R.E.” below, what is your favorite Dr. Dre record?  Let me know in the comments below!


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