The urban music landscape often times, come with work that is derivative and the same ole same ole.  It is always nice to get a breath of fresh air in the form of artists who push the envelope and create music that gives the listeners something to get excited for.  When it comes to those qualities, look no further than the dynamic duo, known as Fortune.

For a group that is relatively new to the scene, they are producing a vibe and a lane that I would sum up as creative, fresh and intuitive to what urban music, and music in general is capable of having.  Based out of the UK, the partnership of Luca and Parmar are designing not only quality music, but music that has the ability to be timeless.  Music can help create great moments in one’s life, and Fortune have figured out a way to sonically provide the tunes you can live your life out to.

I often say music is the soundtrack to life, if Fortune continue at the pace they are going, their vibrant, musical offerings will be apart of people’s’ lives for many years to come.  In other features, I have made an effort to enforce the importance of professionalism and doing it the right way to lay a foundation artists can grow from.  For some guys who are on the independent grind, you would think they were signed to a major label the way they conduct their overall production of their music.


Videos that captivate especially, are a key component to garnering prolonged attention in this over populated music scene.  When you can take a listener on not only a musical, but visual voyage, you have the ability to galvanize your fans, and have them primed and waiting, for what’s next to come.  Covering all aspects in an elite manner will only suit Fortune on their journey in the industry.

The boys released their most recent project, LondonPxrisTokoyo this past February, which showcases, but is not limited to what they will have for us in store in the future.  The project is the perfect backdrop for those groovy weekends and great times you often have and will be able to create with such suave, sonic vibes.  Especially since it snowed here in Wausau yesterday, this music makes me forget Mother Nature is temptress not worth tempting.

Below you can check out LondonPxrisTokoyo via Spotify, as well the video for their lead single off the project, entitled “Take Away.”  The video was shot in Japan, and I must say it is phenomenal.  Also below, you can catch the video for their joint, “Lonely,” which was a single off their debut EP Chinatown.  All pertinent linkage for the group is down below, too.  Make sure to subscribe to their vibe, as their stock rises and they keep churning out positive vibes from across the pond and beyond, #TheFochshole will be showcasing said vibes. #YaDig






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