The Jordan 11 is arguably one of the most sought after in the rekindling of the retro Jordan craze in the sneaker culture.  Leave it up to non other than Mr. Bossco Mitchell to give us a groovy little review of it’s newest drop, the Jordan 11 Emerald or what I like it better as, the Jordan 11 Easter’s.  The most popular reboot of these particular sneakers is still the Space Jam’s, in my opinion.  What do you think is the best one?

It’s hard to overtake the kicks Jordan wore in the classic Space Jam movie, but these ones here are no slouch.  Peep Bossco’s in-store review of the kicks.  Also, posted below you will find a few vlog videos Bossco made while exploring Marshall’s for some dope kicks, which he was certainly able to find. #YaDig




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