Anyone who has dealt with being in the streets knows first hand, that alone is like a powerful vice.  Everything else that comes with it, well that’s a topic for another day. #YaDig  In CB James and Lil Cro’s newest release, they paint a vivid picture on how the dreams of riches and street notoriety can upset the ones we love, in a semi-conscious jawn entitled “I’m Sorry.”

The two artists both spit deep verses that entail the internal battle of doing the right thing, and progressing in the streets on the road from rags to riches.  This song is very relatable to anyone who has battled with staying on the good side of things, but for whatever reason, lose their way and continue on a dark path.  Of all the songs they have released so far, this one is their best showing so far, in my opinion.

CB and Cro are steadfast on working towards the release of their debut mixtape this Spring, and with tracks like this in their arsenal, they appear to be in great shape to make some noise.  Check out “I’m Sorry” below, and if you are not following them on Instagram or SoundCloud yet, that linkage can be found beneath the track.  #In715WeTrust



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