West Coast MC, The Game, has had himself quite the career.  Sometimes, he does not get the recognition he deserves, because people allow the theatrics he has been involved in supersede the caliber of music he has put out, but since 2004, he has done his thing.  Regardless if you get caught up in the drama of Hip Hop or not, taking on a crew as powerful as G-Unit, by yourself basically, and living to talk about it, is quite the achievement.

For the introduction track to his 2012 album, Jesus Piece, entitled “Scared Now,” The Game unfortunately did not come out on top.  You can thank the guest verse from Meek Mill for that one.  At this time, Meek was on fire, from his mixtapes to his newly signing with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group; the Philly MC was just getting into national prominence in the rap mainstream’s consciousness.

Meek Milly came so correct on this one, he washed The Game on the introduction to his own album, and then would go on to make one of the greatest introduction tracks on his own debut album, that year.  Meek hasn’t slowed down musically since, hopefully he can get released off his probation hold soon and continue on where he left off.  Check out the tune below, do you believe Meek got this best of him, or hyperbole in the air, comment below!


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