The Fochsman is definitely into other kinds of music than just urban music, don’t ya know?  I’ve found, at times when you profess a passion for certain types of music, people think you are a one or two trick pony, that in my case, is not true.  I certainly vibe to other genres, one of the more popular ones, is EDM music.  The annual Ultra Music Festival in Miami is incredible.  Housing some of the biggest names in EDM yearly, it is a can’t miss event, and those who get to attend, I’m quite jealous of, haha.

One of the better sets I watched on Youtube for this years festival, was that of Philly-based DJ, Marshmello.  Not only did he blend together a lot of dope music, of various genres actually, but he brought out Will Smith to rap part of his hit song “Miami.”  The Philly connection can never be questioned. #YaDig  If you have a good hour to burn, or just want to check some of it out, you can find that below.  One of these days I’ll hit up Ultra, one of these days!


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