It’s hard to think that the legendary collaboration, between Jeezy and Nas, “My President Is Black,” will turn 10 this fall.  Great music is timeless, so when you actually check out the facts behind when certain records you like are created, it can put your mind in a spin. #YaDig  The Snowman’s and God’s Son’s collaboration, was not only appropriate for the time with what we had going on politically, but served another purpose, as well.

Before this record occurred, Jeezy and Nas were not on the best of terms, after Mr. 17.5 called out Nas in a radio interview, it looked like the two may never collaborate musically, or in any other fashion.  Leave it up to DJ Folk, aka the facilitator, to get the two talking to create this record.  Another fun fact about this tune, is that it came out before Barack Obama actually won the Presidency, I’m sure it wouldn’t have aged so well if he was not victorious.

I know a lot of people enjoyed Obama’s Presidency, and many now hate who our current President is, Mr. Donald Trump.  I wonder if any rapper is willing to make a record about Trump, that’s in a positive manner of course, time will tell, I reckon.  Check out the official video for “My President” below.  What did you think of the song when it came out as to now where the political climate currently is?  Let me know in the comments!


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