Currently, in the rap landscape, there are many burgeoning female artists, which is great for a couple of reasons.  One, diversity in any industry is crucial, especially in music.  Just hearing things from only one perspective, can become uninspiring and make music less desirable.  Hip Hop and rap has always leaned more to the male side, but there has always been great female artists, it is a good sign of things when the music scene beholds a depth where various voices can be heard, simultaneously.

Secondly, when there are a group of women leading the pack in what normally is not territory they couldn’t conquer due to gender favoritism, it spews inspiration and generates more creativity within the genre.  For a seed to grow, it must be nurtured, and with an artist like Bbymutha, that seed will grow in ways it may have not been able to blossom before.  Bbymutha brings a style that refreshing, to what is currently available in the genre of rap, which is excellent because innovative new artists are what keeps the genre thriving.

The Chattanooga, Tennessee representative pulls no punches, with her traditional, Southern style mixed with gritty and aggressive lyrics.  With the likes of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B reigning atop as far as female artists are concerned in the mainstream, Bbymutha provides a different vibe that is deeply needed, in an industry that plays follow the leader and can lack creativity, at times.  Originality and boundary pushing is what makes Hip Hop the ever-growing genre that many thought was a fad, if it’s a fad, it’s the longest fad running. #YaDig

Time heals all wounds, and if she keeps on cranking out the caliber of music she is now becoming known for, it won’t be long before she gets her just do.  I would love to hear a collaboration between her and Dreezy.  Being that she is a native of Tennessee, I would also love to hear 8Ball & MJG do a remix with her to her current single, “BBC,” that could really shake things up.  Below you can catch the new video for her track “BBC,” as well as her most recent project, Bbyshoe EP.  After listening, what do you think of Bbymutha?  Let me know in the comments below!



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