One of the more intriguing art forms on the planet, to me at least, is the art of Bonsai.  The crafting of these interesting, miniature trees is quite the ordeal.  I had originally thought that the Bonsai Tree was invented in Japan, due to it’s popularity over there, but that is not the case.  The art of Bonsai actually segued from China, a fact maybe you folks did not know, I definitely was unaware of that.  The fine folks at Today I Found Out created a very informative video showcasing the art of Bonsai and the Bonsai Tree, which you can peep below.

Did you know the oldest Bonsai Tree has been maintained for over five centuries?  That is astonishing.  This makes me want to get one of my own and maintain it, and then will it to someone in my family so they can carry on the tradition.  A family heirloom and then some, indeed!


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