I started this segment off by featuring a song in which Eminem got the better of the artist to whom’s track it was, Jay-Z.  You had to figure, eventually I would post up a song where Eminem came out with the short straw on the song, well here is one of them.  Besides in some Bad Meets Evil records, I’m not sure there is many songs out there in which Eminem’s lyrical prowess was one upped.  Thank you Kendrick Lamar for giving me some material.

In the song “Love Game” off of Eminem’s album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Em acquired at the time exploding rap sensation, Kendrick Lamar.  Kendrick was on fire at this point, and the fact he is a label mate of Eminem’s via Aftermath Entertainment, this was a no brainer collaboration.  Eminem definitely came correct on this song, as he most certainly does, at least lyrically, in basically his whole catalog.  I feel though, Kendrick just had more bar for bar content than Eminem did, which is saying a lot.

When you can say you went toe to toe with a rap legend, and slighted him on his own album, you have reached a status not many can claim, salute Mr. Lamar, salute.  Check out the track below.  Do you think Kendrick got the better of Eminem, or am I suffering a little revisionist historyitis?  Comment below!


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