As mentioned earlier this week, the dynamic duo, Fortune, released some very groovy remixes to their current single “Pull Up,” off their most recent project LondonPxrisTokyo.  The song by itself was of great quality, so you always have to question when artists remix something that was a sure bet to begin with.  Not only is the quality of all 3 remixes good, they compliment the original quite well.

That too, is an underappreciated quality of remixing a song, is it a continuation of the quality of the original, or does it make you not care about the original anymore?  Balance is key, a song is a living form of art, if done correctly, the life can be longer than finite or even infinite, in some cases.  Each remix has a different vibe, which makes for a good time for the listener, and even a more daunting task for the artist, but the boys pulled it off, range of artistry can not only be seen by Fortune, but also the people they created the remixes with.

Friend of the site, Genesis Renji, did his remix of the track justice, as did the other musicians who they worked with on this effort, one being group member Luca’s father.  Not only did Fortune release 3 remixes to “Pull Up,” they also released a song that didn’t make it onto LondonPxrisTokyo, entitled “This, That.”  It stinks when good songs don’t leave the cutting floor when a project tracklisting is assembled, but in this era of artists recording a lot of music, it’s the price we all have to pay, I definitely enjoy it when we get an extra song from a certain recording session time frame to give us a better picture of the vibes artists were working with at the time.

Last, but definitely not least, a FREE, yes, FREE beat was released with this package of music titled “Pablo,” if you are an artist and need something to flow over, you can’t say Fortune never helped ya, ya digski.  Check out all the “Pull Up” remixes below, as well as “This, That” and the instrumental, “Pablo.”  If you haven’t got a chance to check out #LondonPxrisTokyo yet, the Spotify stream can be found below.


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