Consistency is key in anything, that is the best advise I can give anyone if they are trying to succeed in life.  Great minds think alike, because the main man, Bossco Mitchell has been consistently crushing the sneaker reviews and sneaker footage on his YouTube channel since it’s inception.  The Big B is back yet again, with another dope Kyrie 4 review, this time, on the Kyrie 4 Mamba Mentalities.  Kobe Bryant is one of the most iconic athletes to every grace the planet in any sport, and Nike did the Mamba justice with this iteration of the Kyrie 4’s.

The colorway is excellent, very unique, especially considering all of the other crazy Kyrie 4’s that have been dropped this year.  I would have to agree with Bossco’s statement in the video, where these Kyrie 4 Mamba Mentalities are one of the hottest overall sneaker releases so far this year.  That is saying a lot, because there are crazy shoes released weekly, it’s a very competitive market, so for a shoe to garner this kind of prestige and attention, is very telling.  Check out Bossco’s review below, what do you think of the Kyrie 4 Mamba Mentality?  Let me know in the comments #YaDig


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