Dave East is undoubtedly one of the best newer artists that has entered the rap game in the past 5 years.  A lot of people are too nostalgic to let go of the past days of Hip Hop, and are steadfast on wanting the new artists to rep their city or region in how that city or region entered the game being represented.  Dave East not only represents Harlem well, he is an old soul with a new school approach.  I laugh when people say there is no good music coming out of the rap game these days.  It’s all opinions of course, but if you are looking for nostalgia, Dave East will give you that and more.

Dave just recently took a whack at remixing one of Wale’s newest joints entitled, “It’s Complicated.”  The original record was dope in my opinion, and Mr. East did the remix justice.  Listen to it below, as well as a bonus audio offering.  Dave East and Vado remixed the classic Three 6 Mafia song, “Who Run It,” which many artists have been doing as of lately.  I feel their version, “Blue Hundreds,” is one of the better ones created, thus far.  What do you think about both songs?  Hit or miss?  Let me know in the comments!



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