The California Kid, Bossco Mitchell, has been on a roll lately, with his sneaker videos.  After doing some spicy deal finding at Marshall’s, Bossco hit us with a dope review of the Kyrie 4 “Mamba Mentality.”  He did not stop there, folks, he just hit us with another sneaker review in the form of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Shadow’s.  I believe I’ve said it before on #TheFochshole, but my favorite Jordan’s of all-time are the first ones.

Something about the simple, but classic high-top design has always caught my eye.  I will say, they are not the most comfortable shoe, but sometimes you trade comfort for look, and I love how the Nike Air Jordan 1’s look. #YaDig  Make sure to check out Bossco’s take on the Nike Air Jordan 1 Shadow below, and keep your eyes peeled for more groovy content from The Bossconator, keeping The Fochshole #Wavey since it’s inception!


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