After my city, Wausau, WI got a record cumulative snow fall of over 20 inches this past weekend, I would be a complete goofball if I did not pay homage to the snow remover.  Whether it be your neighbor Frank, whatever municipality you live in that plows the roads, or someone you pay via a landscaping company, the snow remover is an underrated asset.  Now I know the emphasis on this segment is to give people their credit while they still here, the snow remover is a perpetual job, meaning there will always be someone to do it, so they technically will not leave, per say, but we most pay homage to those who are here to embolden future snow removers. #YaDig

Often times, the job of a snow remover can be thankless to some.  I saw a lot of people complaining about road conditions in my neck of the woods during the storm, and unfortunately, you will always have people who complain about everything, including the daunting task of snow removal.  It may seem easy when all you have to do is shovel or snow blow your driveway and sidewalk, but when you are in charge of clearing out the streets of entire city, things can get hairy.  A lot of times, a cities budget doesn’t always include the meat and potatoes of finances to employ and equip it’s road team to just plow everything in a short frame of time.  Especially when you are talking about almost 2 feet of snow in my area, that is a huge responsibility.

Just think, if there was no snow removers period, from residential to commercial in size of task, our pathways would be completely uninhabitable in the winter months.  Is that a reality you want to live in?  I certainly do not want to live in that realm, be grateful for those who when called upon, whether for charity or career, remove snow.  It can get quite daunting, but in the end, the task usually gets done, I can’t speak for all cities, but for my area, if there is a blizzard, the snow removers keep us moving.  The people who do the dirty jobs in society, keep the area clean sort to speak so we can maneuver and do what we have to do to live our lives, and I think that is commendable, here’s to you snow remover, thanks for a snow storm removed!

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