The G-Unit juggernaut was certainly in its peak, when Los Angeles, California representative, The Game, dropped his debut album, The Documentary.  With star-studded features production wise and artist wise, it was certainly one of the best debut albums in the history of rap.  No diss to Game, he is one of my favorite artists, but it is hard to lose when you have production from Dr. Dre and the steam of the G-Unit tank moving in your favor.  50 Cent has said in interviews, I’m not sure how accurate it is, but he gave a lot of the records The Game had on The Documentary.

Be that as it may, The Game’s debut cemented that the West Coast was not going anywhere, and that it was still a force in the grand landscape of the industry.  The track “Hate It, Or Love It,” was easily one of the stand out cuts from the record, it is no shock that they chose that song to be one of the singles off the project.  With classic production from Cool & Dre, and a feature from 50 Cent, this track had a very soulful vibe, that I would say helped show The Game’s versatility.  Being from the West Coast, especially working with Dr. Dre, one of the greatest, if not greatest G-Funk Rap producers ever, it is easy to get pigeon-holed.  “Hate It, Or Love It” made sure that didn’t happen and helped add to the diverse, sonic landscape of The Documentary.

It’s too bad 50 and Game had a falling out, who knows what kind of records they could have made together, otherwise.  Time heals all wounds, so perhaps they will make music again some day, hopefully.  Check out “Hate It, Or Love It” below, what is your favorite song off The Documentary?  Comment below!


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