With the untimely passing of world renown, Swedish DJ, Avicii yesterday,  we lost yet another musical legend.  He was only 28 years old, which is incredibly young, obviously.  The saying “the good die young” is hard to swallow when it actually manifests itself and happens right before our eyes.  Being that as it may, Avicii inspired so many people, from musicians and fans, the imprint of his musical efforts are not even quantifiable, simply because music never dies.  It honestly doesn’t, if you think about it. Especially if it is transcendent, high caliber music, such as the caliber of which Avicii certainly made, the positive ramifications are exponential.

Music emotes thoughts, feelings, vibes, you know name it.  Music will bring a lot out of an individual.  It is incredibly sad Avicii has passed, but he will never really be gone.  His music has planted the seeds of immortality within the fabric of this universe.  Hundreds of years from now, someone could hear an Avicii record and be put on a trajectory that could change anything in the world for the better.  Like the heading states, music never dies, it could almost be looked at as a perpetual motion machine that perpetually keeps people inspired and moving.

I often say music is the soundtrack to life, if you don’t have good music in your life, your life’s soundtrack can be dull and you will not live your best life.  Thank you Avicii for adding memorable and galvanizing music to many peoples soundtracks to life, myself included.


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