Often times when a sequel is made, they don’t always live up to the original.  In the case of what was to be the sequel, at least production style wise and hype wise to “A Milli,”  Lil Wayne’s “6’7′” certainly was not a dud sequel.  The caveat with the song though, is the artist that was featured on the record, Cory Gunz, took the legs from right underneath the Lil Louisianimal.  Lil Wayne did his thing in true Mr. Carter fashion, but it was Mr. Gunz who exuded more of a lyrical prowess.  Cory Gunz to me has always been one of those ‘what if’ artists.  What if he got the proper promotion, what if maybe certain moves in his career were timed better.

He is no doubt one of the craziest spitters to ever come in the game.  I mean, he does have rap in his DNA being that is father is Peter Gunz, but sometimes a 2nd generation talent doesn’t materialize.  Well Cory did, and he showed some of his best work on Lil Wayne’s song. #YaDig  Check out the track below.  What did you think of Cory Gunz’ effort on the track?  Did he make Lil Wayne road kill, or am I buggin’?  Comment below!


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