California Kick Killa, Bossco Mitchell blesses the e-streets once again, with a groovy shoe review.  I can definitely get down with any of the Air Maxes, just off comfort alone.  I’m always on my feet a lot at work, so the runners are definitely nice on the ole puppies, support wise.  Fashion wise though, Air Maxes are elite, from the 95’s to the whatevers, they look dope.  They always had stout colorways to match your fit with, which is a #MajorKey when trying to get fresh. #YaDig

Bossco comes through this time, with an in-store review of the Nike Air Max 97 OG Metallic Gold.  For me the gold base color is a little aggressive, but I would definitely rock them, wouldn’t be my first choice, though.  Peep Bossco’s review below, what you think of these things?  Drop a comment in Bossco’s comment section!


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