Howdy buckaroos, how is your day going thus far?  I took off a few weeks with the #Fochservations, to get some non-site related things accomplished, and to work on some new things that will be coming to the site as well.  The site is about 4 months old, and I’m continuously thinking and working on ways to give more of myself to you.  It ceases to be #TheFochshole if I don’t stand by the foundation of giving content based upon my views and what have you.

This weeks #Fochservation deals with priorities.  Priorities in life are so key, and we must maintain a healthy balance in the maintenance in our priorities to make sure we are living the best possible life we can live.  Check out the #Fochservation.  How do you value and place your priorities in life?  Comment below or on the video!



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