Mr. Bossco Mitchell must be running up the parking meters by the malls in LA, because he stays in them suckers getting dope footage. #YaDig  The shoes he did an in-store review on this time around, are cool in general, but not cool for me personally.  For one, I’m like Bossco on this wave, all white shoes, not the best.  Living in an area where it’s mucky outside with snow and what not, I have never liked owning all white shoes.  They are just too hard to maintain.

Although I’m a huge Packers fan, I would rock these as a one off with a matching throwback Shaun Alexander,  I am a sports fan who can logically separate my fandom for freshness. #YaDig  Also in this vlog, Bossco gives us a peak of many dope shoes.  I love these vlogs because I don’t get a chance to hit stores like this to see what they have in the brick and mortar locations of various shoe stores.  We can get anything online these days, but nothing will ever beat that in store purchase.  What do you think of the Kyrie 4 Seahawks?  Did any of the other shoes in the vlog tickle your fancy?  Comment on Bossco’s YouTube channel!


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