There are so many things going on with planet Earth.  Clearly though, the universe is just a little more interesting than just our home planet. #YaDig  I certainly don’t believe we are the only life forms out there, that is for certain.  Do I believe in little green aliens?  No.  Do I believe other life forms are in the galaxy?  Certainly.  Lifeforms aside, there has been many interesting discovers in Outer Space.  Leave it up to this top 10 list to explain some of them.

This particular list, deals with 10 of the strangest things found in outer space, which gives me reason to believe that there are so many more things out there.  It is just up to the brilliant scientists and those who study those types of things to uncover them, and as time goes on, there is no telling what will be discovered.  Check out the list below.  What do you think is the strangest thing on this list?  What do you hope we discover out in the great unknown?  Comment below!


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