In this day and age, not just in music, but in general, people unfortunately do not stay true to themselves.  The allure of living a life that makes one feel good, but not actually whole because it is not genuine, plagues society, and has plagued music for quite sometime.  There is a fine line between entertainment, and reality, and by way of Milwaukee, WI, rapper True P is making noise in Wausau staying true to himself and his grind.

True P (born May 21, 1993) is an American rapper.  He bestowed the nickname True P by the OG’s on the block at 11 years old where he grew up on the Northside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In early 2015 True released his first single “Killwaukee Got It Goin Down” on the local 414Work radio station and received positive reviews from the community.

It was that moment that he knew he had a true talent and should continue to make music and later that year dropped an EP called “Grindin For Better Days.” In 2016, True moved to Wausau, Wisconsin where he released a mixtape “Stompin 4 My City” featuring local artists. It didn’t take long for word to get around town and True quickly became known for his music. Unfortunately, later that fall he faced legal issues and was incarcerated for 365 days.

After being released in September 2017 he knew it was time to get back to work and quickly started to work on new projects. True released his “Hold My Own EP” in March 2018, followed by the “Intro Video” and a music video for his hit song “Money Talk.” Then just weeks later released a single “A Thugz Heart” but the grind didn’t stop there. True also released his first album “Applying Pressure” in April 2018, all of which he distributed to all major music platforms across the world.



As stated above, True P didn’t let his legal bump in the road stop the grind, with the release of 2 EP’s already in 2018, True is steadfastly pushing his music to further his already growing buzz.  If the 2 past EP releases are any indicator, True P’s rise will continue to flourish with each release, and then some.  Below you can catch the videos for the Intro to his Hold My Own EP  and the song “Money Talk.”  Links can be found below for streaming and purchasing of both projects Hold My Own EP and Applying Pressure EP.  Also as a bonus, you can catch a YouTube promotional video for his song “Never Seen Bandz” off of the Applying Pressure EP.

True P will be shooting videos for the records “Flex With Checks” and “Never Told” will be shot in early May, so be on the look out for those, as well.  With reality at a premium in the rap game, True P has followed in the foot steps of those who stay true to their grind and true to themselves, which can only help his music and career going forward. #YaDig




Purchase True P-Hold My Own EP On iTunes

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Purchase True P-Applying Pressure EP On iTunes

Stream True P-Applying Pressure On Spotify


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