Remixes offer garner some great guest appearances, in this case of someone’s song being #Taken, this is certainly the case.  Although this is a Future song, he really is just here for the remix for the chorus, but Rick Ross had a guest verse that was of a very high caliber.  It’s a shame that Big Sean came thru like a Detroit Tornado and obliterated the song.  The production for this record is excellent for an artist who wants to come through with double and triple time bars, and Big Sean did not disappoint.

After a very sleek and fitting verse from Ricky Rozay, which is basically an off the backboard pass to Big Sean, unintentionally, of course, Sean destroys the song.  In a good way of course.  Of all of Big Sean’s features, this is one of his strongest, in my opinion.  Check out the track below?  Did Big Sean body bag it?  Leave a comment below!


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