Once again, the main man, Bossco Mitchell blesses us with a groovy sneaker vlog, this time around at the Shoe Palace store out in Los Angeles.  Not only did he hit us over the head with more groovy sneaker content, he made a special announcement.  As a way of helping others, who cannot acquire some sought after shoes, Mr. Mitchell will be opening up a site to provide people the opportunity to use his sneaker connections to obtain kicks they desire.

Very cool concept, knowing how Bossco rolls personally, this is not a surprise to me that he is helping others.  He is a very positive dude who constantly pushes positive endeavors.  That’s what life is about my friends, positive vibes!  Nothing good comes from being negative and ignorant. #YaDig  Check out his latest sneaker vlog below, and make sure to follow him via his social media accounts to stay updated on more information on his resale endeavors.  The social media account information can be found via the description of this video.


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