The California Kid, Bossco Mitchell, yet again blesses the e-streets with another groovy sneaker vlog, this time at Foot Locker.  From what I can see, the Foot Locker he is at in Los Angeles has a very stout selection of items.  I was kind of distraught when they decided to close the Foot Locker we had in the Wausau Center Mall, some years ago.  It was odd to me that, Foot Locker, the parent company of Eastbay, which started in Wausau, closed their store in the city of Eastbay.

Perhaps it was to give more shine to Eastbay?  Often times, they just close stores down due to performance, so I’m leaning on that possibility for the closure.  Either way, I miss Foot Locker being here locally, so it’s cool to see some footage of what Foot Locker has popping off these days.  They have some very stout deals at this one as well, I would reckon those deals aren’t nationally syndicated, if you are interested in said deals, check out your local Foot Locker. #YaDig  Check out the vlog too, below!


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