When an artist performs their artistry at high levels, it is respected and impressive.  One who can maintain their form in different crafts, is even more impressive.  An individual that possesses these such skills calls home Milwaukee, WI, that person, is SGOD Jayy.

Head bobbing energy-filled music and creative graphic designs are all bottled up in one when you meet one of Milwaukee’s rising hip-hop artists. From helping someone promote their business or event to pouring into his own, SGOD Jayy masters it very well.

Originally known as Jus Jayy, the new and improved SGOD Jayy  might be one of the toughest to pin down. Starting back in 2010 while attending Milwaukee Bradley Tech, from jokes to studio sessions, time has also evolved his style. Comparing himself to a similar artist like Travis Scott, his energetic presence on and off the stage grasps the ears of his fans. The 24-year-old unapologetic lyricist pours out life, motivation and testimonies when given the mic.

From Milwaukee showcases with his SGOD family to dedicating hours into the studio, SGOD Jayy distinguishes what it takes to be a memorable artist. His latest album release, MODE shows the world that he is equipped for hip-hop. With songs like “Really Do” and “Perfect”, he’s able to portray his own thoughts in a way each listener can understand. SGOD Jayy has been steadily releasing music every year in the shapes of albums, EPs and features. With more projects on the way, he’s cemented why he is already a force to be reckoned with.




We all know the old adage, “A picture says a thousand words.”  This above photo encapsulates Jayy’s aura and energy from a musical stand point, undoubtedly.  His music is well thought, invigorating, and with those factors in hand, allows him to captivate the fan on different fronts.  I often talk about how a multi-tooled entertainer is the best sort, because they have the traits to keep you coming back, song after song, and project after project.  Currently, we are just talking about his musical prowess, the graphic design grind he is on as well, is just as potent.

Below, you can catch SGOD Jayy’s project Mode via Spotify, TIDAL and iTunes.  With more music, new merchandise for the SGOD collective Jayy is a part of, on top of shows and graphics work, Jayy’s only mode appears to be “go mode.”  Anyone who grinds that hard has my respect. #YaDig  Also, below you can find all of Jayy’s pertinent contact information, if you are interested in his graphic design services, serious inquires only.  When you stay grinding, seasons don’t exist, especially in SGOD Jayy’s world. #YaDig



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