The multi-versed, Midwest Marauder, Harley Hustle has hit the e-streets once again with new project.  This go around, Mr. Chillionaire himself has released a new format of things for his Chillionaire music series.  This one continuously mixed track gives the listener and constant and cool body of his work, featuring skills put to use from his famed and hallowed mixtape making.  I myself am big into bodies of work that you can just let ride out from start to finish, and this effort from Harley fits the mold of just that.

When a listener can just zone out to a project in its entirety, that is a true sign of cohesion and quality, which Mr. Hustle displayed on this project.  Accompanying the release of this project, are also a release of two different colored Chillionaire T-Shirts, which can be found below for purchase.  Give the project a listen at his official Bandcamp page, and make sure to cop if you have not done so already #YaDig


Purchase/Listen To Chillionaire Canned Heat: Continuous Mix Edition



Purchase Olive Chillionaire T-Shirt



Purchase Asphalt Chillionaire T-Shirt

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