Today I Found Out always comes correct with interesting tidbits of information that boggle my mind.  This scenario is no different.  In 1876 in Kentucky, there was a crazy occurrence.  You read the post title right my friends, it rained meat!  There was various theories behind what caused this wild phenomenon.  Some people thought it was a substance called Nostoc, which is not technically meat.  The theory I’m more keen on believing, is that some vultures vomited the meat from the sky.

Seeing that vultures can fly very high in the sky, them puking up meat and having it rain down to the ground is very plausible.  Either way, this is one of those moments in time, I would have liked to personally witness.  Never say never, maybe some day I will witness a literally meaty rain storm. #YaDig  Check out the video from Today I Found Out below, what is your take on this wacky scenario?  Comment below!


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