Howdy amigos!  Hope everyone is flourishing wherever they are in this world at this time.  Mr. Bossco Mitchell hits us, once again, with a groovy sneaker vlog, this time at a Foot Locker in his neck of the woods, out in Los Angeles.  The interesting development in this particular vlog is a sighting of the quite popular Gatorade edition of the Jordan 1’s.  The fact that these are still sitting on the shelves is a tad bit fishy, given the fact they sold out when they first were released.

It’s hard for me to believe that a franchise such as Foot Locker would carry any fake shoes, it’s almost inconceivable, actually.  Did Bossco stumble on a gold mine by finding a store that still has these available?  Did Foot Locker somehow get finessed with these shoes they are carrying?  There is an interesting discussion to be had about this vlog. #YaDig  Comment below, or on Bossco’s video with your thoughts on this matter of sneakerage.


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