Posse cuts are always the most fun to dissect when it comes to this #Taken segment.  It’s real easy to pick out 1 of 2 artists who made a track together to declare the lyrically superior artist on said track.  When you have a group of features from 3 artists who get busy, it can become a more ardent task, such is not the case with this song selected for today’s #Taken.  Although this is branded as a French Montana song, the chart topper from the Clean Nawf, Drake took this one, in my opinion.

This 2 Live Crew sampled song was epic when it was released, a certified club banger, if you will.  To this date, this is statistically French Montana’s 2nd biggest single, and Drake’s overtaking of the song definitely helped get it to where it was on the charts.  Rick Ross’ verse on this song was respectable, Lil Wayne’s too.  I actually had to run the song back a few times to pick between him and the Drizzard, but in my opinion, Drake went the hardest.  It’s hard to keep the audience captivated when you have an all-timer’s verse coming after your effort, but Drake certainly did that.

Check out the song below, did you think Drake took the cake on this one?  Maybe Wayne went harder to you?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. #YaDig


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