By now, if you have been checking out the posts I make showcasing the sneakerheadedness that is Bossco Mitchell, you know this fella comes correct.  Make no mistake though, he is here to help us all, even the kids. #YaDig  In Bossco’s newest sneaker review, he showcases the Grade School version of the Kyrie 4 Tiffany.  There are so many groovy Kyrie 4’s, but this iteration may be my favorite yet.  That snake skinnish black body, with the teal highlights up top on the tongue and what not are legit.  Throw in that Oakland Raider silver Nike Swoosh and you have yourself a complete kick that would make any sneaker fiend feel proud when they have them on their feet.

What do you think of these Kyrie 4’s folks?  Are they as cold as I think they are, or do you have a different opinion?  Let us know in the comments section!


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