The Jordan 1 releases keep hitting the paint hard as hell, and Mr. Bossco Mitchell is on the task with reviewing another big drop from this past weekend, the Jordan 1 “Homage To Home.”  The colorway for these kicks is very unique, with the alternating colors on each shoe to give them a Batman-esque “Two Face” vibe.  I would even go as far as calling these shoes the Jordan 1 “Scarface.”  If you remember the movie poster from the Scarface movie, the colors from that are in synch with these sneakers. #YaDig

If you had the women sizes in these, you could even call them the Jordan 1 “Harley Quinn.”  These colors too match what Harley Quinn, Jokers side chick wore,  I think there was blue in her costume too, as well.  Either way, these are some of the freshest Jordan 1’s to be released to date, and I certainly would rock these puppies.  What do you think about the “Homage To Home” Jordan’s?  Leave a comment here or on Bossco’s video. #YaDig


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