The ill spitter himself, Genesis Renji, has come up with a groovy concept to pay homage to his astrological sign’s season, the Gemini season, with a dropping of 30 new songs, each day for the Gemini season.  I too, am a Gemini, so I think this is a very cool and fitting move to give shine to the grooviest zodiac symbol. #YaDig  Anytime we can get more Gen Ren music in abundance, is a win for all parties involved.  Whether you co-sign the Gemini Season or not, you will be sure to co-sign the music this fella will be dropping.

I will make sure to get all the songs up, whether it be daily or in spurts throughout the #GeminiSeason.  The first offering is a song entitled “Crazy3x” featuring Reggie Bonds & Rob Hicks.  The record is produced by Golden Child Beats.  Check it out below via your preferred online platform, and make sure to keep it locked for the next 29 songs he will be releasing throughout the next month. #YaDig


Listen To “Crazy3x” On Apple Music



Listen To “Crazy3x” On Tidal

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