We are officially 1/3 through the way of Genesis Renji’s 30 x 30 #GeminiSeason music explosion.  Gen’s back with a soulful jawn, with a bit of a country type vibe, well with the production anyways, provided by Golden Child.  The 10th joint, “Icarus’ Song” sees a more harmonic side of Genesis Renji, backed with the potent singing of Catherine Bentley.  I have made mention of it before, but Gen’s versatility is glowing in his music, and this record is a great example of that.  2/3 more of this Gemini journey, can ya dig it?  I can, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks. #GeminiOrDie #YaDig  Check out “Icarus’ Song” below any digital way you so choose from these options, and watch out for the second period of 30 X 30 #GeminiSeason from Genesis Renji soon.


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