Since the Drake and Pusha T beef is in full swing, I decided that this particular record would be a great one to scoop up from the annals of Hip Hop for this #ThrowbackThursday.  Many credit “Ether” as one of the best diss records in the history of Hip Hop, in my opinion, I would have to agree.  Not only just the potency of the song, but what it did for Nas’ career at the time, was incredibly important.  People had thought Nas had fallen off to a degree, due to the fact his subsequent album releases were not of the quality of Illmatic.  Although Illmatic is regarded as one of the greatest Hip Hop albums ever, people thought with the talent Nas has, he should have better album turn out.

Nevertheless, with his back against the rope in the public opinion, career wise, and music quality wise, Nas delivered an epic diss in his feud with former rival, Jay-Z.  People use the term “ethered” for a reason, and that reason, you guessed it, is because of the caliber of “Ether.”  Ron Browz deserves a lot of credit too for this song.  The sample flip he used of 2 Pac saying “f*ck Jay-Z” added a dynamic to the record that made it feel more scathing and poignant.  You can catch “Ether” below.  Do you remember the impact it had when it was initially released?  Where do you rank it in the history of rap diss records?  Make sure to comment your thoughts below.


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