The capabilities an artist possess not only obviously define an artist, but they also help define the connection they can make with the listener through their music.  An up and coming artist, by the name of Vega Jay, possesses an assortment of characteristics within his music, that promote and convey both good intentions, and vibes.  Vega Jay is a native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, but now makes the midwest his home.  Vega Jay’s love for music enables him thoughtfully and thoroughly craft music that makes people feel good.

With the ability to understand the world around him, it gives him a distinct advantage to be able to convey what he sees within his world and the world around him into his music.  With a reverence for the greats before him, Jay, I believe, has the ability to not only accomplish his goals of making feel good music, but give the artists of the past, present, and future a thoughtful portrayal of his life and tunes to vibe to.  Steadfastly working on his debut mixtape, Vega Jay has shown and proved in the records he has released so far, via his official SoundCloud page.

Below you can listen to his records “Mary Jane” and “Lies.”  Two potent songs, that give you a good idea of Vega Jay’s talent as an artist and his ability to convey his thoughts and feelings into his work.  Below the records, you can find his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook linkage, make sure to follow Vega Jay, and watch out for more music in the near future. #YaDig





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